With over 100 recipes and 150 photos, “No Sacrifices” includes 13 special occasion menus including New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras, Cabin Fever, a Princess Birthday, Tailgate Picnic, Spaghetti Get-together, Thanksgiving, Christmas and more.

This book applies the author’s simple rule: Everyone should enjoy great food. Her more than 100 gluten-free recipes produce delicious dishes that require no sacrifice of taste, texture, appearance or aroma — and that everyone can enjoy.

Ellen Fox Emerson spent two years cooking, testing, researching, writing and photographing to produce “No Sacrifices — Entertaining Gluten-Free ,” organized around 13 special occasion menus. More than 150 photographs beautifully illustrate the book, Ellen’s first.

Her own problems with gluten motivated the author, who refused to give up her passions for cooking and entertaining — or to consider serving anything less than wonderful to her guests.

Throughout 208 page, Ellen explains the challenges, the solutions and the options, with dozens of tips for saving time and organizing your efforts in the kitchen.

The book will appeal to cooks of all experience levels and to anyone who cares about food.

View a 26-page excerpt from the cookbook which includes the menu New Year's Day Dinner for Six.


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No Sacrifices, Entertaining Gluten-Free
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